How to Become a Successful Work Study Engineer

How to Become a Successful Work Study Engineer
Mayedul Islam
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Work study is the systematic examination of the method of carrying activities, so as to input the effective use of resources and to setup standards and performance for the activities being carried out. It is a term that is used in garments industry as to count the work and to utilize the man, machine and materials. Work study examines both the method and duration of the work involved in the process. Now a days have great demand of work study engineer in textile and apparel industry. In this article I will discuss about requirements to become a successful work study engineer.
Working area of a work study engineer
Working area of a work study engineer
Characteristics of work study engineer:
A work study engineer need to be educated, expert, smart, confident, personal dignity and honest. Details below-

Sincerity and Honest:
The work study person must be sincere and honest only if is the case will he she gain the confidence and respect of those with whom he or she will work.

He/she must be really keen on the job, believe in the importance of what he or she is doing and be able to transmit enthusiasm to the people round about.

Tact is dealing with people comes from understanding them and not wishing to hurt their feeling by unkind or thoughtless word, even when these may be justified. Without justified no work study person is going to get very far.

Good Appearance:
The person must be neat tidy & look efficient. This will inspire confidence among the people with whom he or she has to work.

This can only come with good training and experience of applying work study successfully. The work study practitioner must be able to stand up to top management, supervisors or workers in defense of his opinion and finding, and to do so in such a way that will respect and not give offence.

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