Function, Process and Treatment of Dyeing Management Software

Function, Process and Treatment of Dyeing Management Software
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Sedomaster Editor:
Sedomaster EDITOR software is a dyeing management software. This software integrates all dying machine & controller into a computer. As a result the dyeing professional can monitor the dyeing recipe & dyeing batch system centrally. This software has some module for example process, treatment, function & machine group. Autogarment is store house of garment, textile & all apparel types of industrial software.
Sedomaster EDITOR
A process module for example dyeing program consists out of individual treatments. Processes modules are sent to controllers & are used in the controller as program. For a better overview the process moules are grouped in the EDITOR SOFTWARE in process types.

A treatment module is part of a process & is used for a specific task for example pre-washing, bleaching, dyeing, soaping, boiling, etc. Treatments consist of functions, for example filling, draining, heating, temperature control, etc. Again the functions have parameters for example temperature, gradient, differential pressure, speed, etc. Treatment modules are created to be used with special machine group. To improve the overview, treatments are grouped into treatment classes. A treatment module can be used in different processes & is only valid for the machine group which was assigned to the treatment. A treatment module has several windows paths the first window or main window controls the main part of the machine

Function :
Function modules are assigned to treatments. The Examples for function mosules are loading, filling, heating and user call etc. Functions module contain parameter. Examples are temperature, gradient, hold time, fill level, etc. Functions are grouped in function groups in the EDITOR.

Machine group:
A machine group module is a group of machines with the same functionality like functions and parameter etc. & the same type of controller. That means all controllers must has the same configuration. When a process is made, it is not necessary, to define the machine group module for which the process should be valid. A treatment module however can run only on the machine or in machine group module if all treatments within the process are valid for this machine group.

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