Differences Between Tappet Shedding, Dobby Shedding and Jacquard Shedding Mechanism

Tappet shedding
A type of cam to which a rotary motion is given for the purpose of producing reciprocating motion in rods & levers by sliding contact when the rod is received a series of lifts, when intervals of rest & thus form a shed is called tappet.
Dobby shedding
Dobby is a shedding mechanism placed on the top of the loom in order to produce figured patterns by using large number of healds than the capacity of a tappet. Dobby is also known as a “witch or “wizard”.

Jacquard shedding
The jacquard is a shedding device attached to the top of the hand loom or a power loom and controls a large number of warp threads with a view to produce the maximum variety of sheds (without and heald shaft) for ornamenting the fabrics.
Difference of Tappet, Dobby & Jacquard Shedding Mechanism
Tappet shedding
Dobby shedding
Jacquard shedding
Design capacity
Simplest structure.
Medium i.e. complex structure.
Elaborate i.e. very complex structure.
No. of heald shaft
Maximum no. of heald shaft – 14 . Theoretically it can control 6-10 heald shaft.
Theoretically it can control maximum 48, but practically for wool no. of heald shaft -36 & for cotton no. of heald shaft -24.
Theoretically it can control any no. of warp thread individually.
Speed of loom
Very high.
Driver position of heald shaft
Below the loom.
Above the loom.
Above the loom.
For different designs different tappets are fitted to bottom shaft.
For different designs, different design of pegging legs are placed on cylinder/pattern drum.
For different designs, different designed pinched cards are places on cylinder.
Cost of fabric
Low fabric cost.
Highly expensive.
Production rate
More than the dobby.
Less production.
Less production.
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