Classification of Textile Testing

Classification of Textile Testing
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Textile Testing:
Testing is the process or procedure to determines the quality of a product.

Textile testing is a most important way to certified a textile fiber, yearn or fabric as a use able material in textile products or garments. Testing will inform you what kind of fiber is this and approximately what kind of garments you’ll be produce by this fiber, yearn, fabric. Let’s have a look basically how many textile testing is used to test, textile fiber, yearn, fabric in the textile lab.
Textile Testing
Textile Testing
Classification of Fiber Testing:
  1. Identifications of fiber
  2. Grading
  3. Color of fibers
  4. Fiber Length
  5. Fiber strength and elongation
  6. Fiber fineness
  7. Fiber maturity
  8. Trash
  9. Neps
  10. Short fiber index- SFI
  11. Short fiber content- SFC
  12. Immature fiber content
  13. Dust
Classification of Yarn Testing:
  1. Yarn count
  2. Twist per unit length
  3. Single yearn strength
  4. Lea strength and elongation
  5. Appearance
  6. Evenness and regularity
  7. Hairiness
Classification of Fabric Testing:
  1. Strength and elongation
  2. Length
  3. Width
  4. Thickness
  5. Weight
  6. Number of warp yarn per unit length
  7. Number of weft yarn per unit length
  8. The count of yarn used
  9. Design and construction of cloth
  10. Yarn permeability
  11. Crimp
  12. Shrinkage test
  13. Stiffness
  14. Handle
  15. Drape
  16. Crease resistance and recovery
  17. Abrasion
  18. Thermal properties
  19. Pilling test
  20. Water absorbance and resistance 
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