Duties of Quality Manager in Garment Factory

Job Description of Quality Manager in Garment Factory
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Duties of Quality Manager
The quality manager is a very important official in a garment factory. Customer satisfaction, reputation of the company, to a large extent, depends upon him. His job description is given below:
Duties of Quality Manager in Garment Industry
  1. He will install or maintain a right Quality Management System to ensure quality of product;
  2. He will ensure that the QMS is in place & working as envisaged;
  3. He will ensure that the existing QMS satisfies the buyer;
  4. He will look for ways of improving existing QMS so as to exceed expectations of the customer;
  5. He will ensure that buyer’s specifications are properly understood;
  6. If there is any ambiguity/ confusion, he will confirm buyer’s actual Specifications;
  7. He will ensure that AQL of the company is properly maintained & exceeded.
  8. He will ensure that all incoming, in-process & final goods are properly inspected & documented.
  9. He will ensure that all goods coming in the store are rigorously inspected for quality & quantity;
  10. He will ensure that Traffic Light Chart system of in-line inspection system is installed & working;
  11. He will install both preventive & remedial measures against occurrence of any defect;
  12. He is responsible for failure of quality passed garment;
  13. He will ensure that all of his personnel are trained on their topics;
  14. He will ensure continuous training of personal to enhance their skill;
  15. He will ensure rigorous control of rejects;
  16. He will ensure rigorous control of repairable & washable garments;
  17. He will plan for year-wise improvement of quality;
  18. He will prepare a quality manual for the company so that company’s quality policy & procedures are known to all and implemented at all levels;
  19. He will ensure that quality manual includes all policy, procedures, methods & measures so as to unify actions;
  20. He will monitor performance of suppliers of raw-materials;
  21. He will have his personnel motivated.
  22. He will ensure that supplier-customer chain in maintained in the production process;
  23. He will ensure that production commences only when worksheet approved sample & swatch card are at hand. 


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