Count Conversion System for Textile Yarns

Count Conversion System for Textile Yarns
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To get all the information about count I write this article. It will help the spinners to know all information about yarn in one place at a glance. Before we should to know terms. Here count related terms are given below.

Count : Count is a numerical value, which express the coarseness or fineness (diameter) of the yarn and also indicate the relationship between length and weight (the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass) of that yarn.
Yarn count
Yarn count
Ne : The English cotton count indicates the weight in lb of material of 840 yds length.

Nm : The metric yarn count indicates how many Km of yarn are contained in 1 kg or how many meters of yarn are contained in 1 gram.

Tex : The system indicates the weight in gram of material of 1 Km length.

Denier (Man-Made Fibres) : Weight in grams per 9000 meters of fiber.

Count Conversion System for Yarns
According to the yarn count definition given in British Standards by using following formula you can convert yarn count from one unit to another.
From – To
Cotton to Denier
5315 / Cotton Count
Denier to Cotton
5315 / Denier
Cotton to Metric
Cotton Count  X 1.69
Metric to Cotton
Metric Count  / 1.69
Denier to Metric
9000 / Denier
Metric to Denier
9000 / Metric Count
Cotton to Tex
590.5 / Cotton Count
Tex to Cotton
590.5 / Tex Count
Tex to Metric
1000 / Tex Count
Metric to Tex
1000 / Metric Count
Tex to Denier
Tex Count x 9
Denier to Tex
Denier / 9
Denier to Decitex
Denier / 0.9
Metric to Decitex
10,000 / Metric Count
Cotton to Decitex
5905 / Cotton Count
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