Ultrafine Fibers | Characteristics of Ultra-fine Fibers

Ultra Fine Fibers:
The definition of ultra-fine fiber has varied according to the convention Employed. For instance, the Textile Committee, Germany, defines a micro-denier fiber as a fiber finer than 1.2 dtex for polyester and finer than 1.0 dtex for polyamide. Although a rather thick (1 denier or more) fiber is sometimes claimed as an ultra-fine fiber commercially, an ultra-fine fiber should preferably be specified as a fiber of less than 0.5 d. A fiber of less than 0.1 d is sometimes referred to as a super ultra-fine fiber. It is a short version of microfiber.
ultrafine fiber
Product of ultrafine or microfiber
Types of Ultrafine Fibers:
Ultra-fine fibers are classified into two types: 
  1. A continuous-filament type and 
  2. A random (staple) type. 
Since recent developments in the field of ultra-fine fibers have focused on the continuous-filament type, as exemplified particularly by suede-like artificial leather or shingosen.

Characteristics of Ultra-fine Fibers:
Different ultra-fine fibers are designed to provide the following characteristics:
  1. Softness, flexibility and smoothness.
  2. Fine textile structure.
  3. Micro-pockets in fabrics.
  4. High filament density at the textile surface.
  5. Large surface area per unit weight, and a characteristic interfacial property.
  6. Small radius of curvature (resulting in luster and characteristic color)
  7. Large aspect ratio (the ratio of length to diameter) and easy entanglement.
  8. Good interpenetrating capacity in other materials.
  9. Quick stress relief.
  10. Low resistance to bending.
  11. Bio-singularity relative to living tissues and fluids.
  12. Fine, sharp edges. 
Uses of Ultrafine Fibers:
Ultrafine fibers have the potential to be used as solid dispersions to improve the dissolution profiles of poorly water-soluble drugs or as oral fast disintegrating drug delivery systems. It is also used for cleaning sensitive surfaces.
Cleaning by Ultrafine Fibers
Cleaning by Ultrafine Fibers
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