Modern Developments of Carding Machine

Modern Developments of Carding Machine

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  • Carding is the ‘Heart’ of Spinning.
  • Opening to individual fibers, this enables elimination of impurities and performance of other operations.
  • Elimination of impurities occurs mainly in the region of the taker-in.
  • The degree of cleaning achieved by modern card is very high, in the range of 90 -95%. Thus, the overall degree of cleaning achieved by the blow-room and carding room together is as high as 95 -99%. Card sliver still contains 0.05 – 0.03% of foreign matter.
  • Elimination of dust, which are bound to the fibers. Significant fiber/metal and fiber/fiber friction is needed in order to loosen such particles, this are available in carding operation.
  • Thus the modern developments, in the carding machine, are carried out to produce better sliver. The following sections discuss some of the modern developments in the carding machine. 
Rieter Modern B.R & Carding Line
Modern Developments of Carding
  1. Chute feed System,
  2. Pre- Carding Zone,
  3. Multiple Taker-in (Licker-in),
  4. Carding Zone,
  5. Post Carding Zone,
  6. Suction System,
  7. Wab Doffing Device,
  8. Auto leveling, and
  9. Coiler & Can Changer.
Trutzschler card TC 06
Comparisons of Two Card Mainly two company are produced card in worldwide.
  1. Rieter (International)
  2. Laxmi Machinery Works(India)
And comparisons between two model of machine.
  1. Rieter (C4-C70)
  2. LMW (LC-300,-LC-363/361)
1. Rieter
  • Rieter is a leading supplier on the world market for textile machinery and components used in short staple fiber spinning. 
  • Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures systems, machinery and technology components used to convert natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns.
C 4
  • Model No.:- C 4
  • Invented in- 1987-88
  • Production.;- Up to 50 kg/hr.
  • Low speed card
  • No of flats.- 84
  • No. of flats in contacts.- 30
  • Card width- Less than 1 meter
  • With Aero chute feed system.
  • Automatic can changer, Ø 24” (600 x 1200 mm),
  • Single Licker-in.
  • Aero feed chute feed system.
C 70
  • Model No.- C70
  • High performance card
  • Invented in;- 2012
  • Production.;- 120-160 kg/hr.
  • No. of Flats.- 99
  • No. of Flats in contacts.- 48
  • Card Width.-1.5 meter
  • Auto can changer
  • Multiple Licker-in(Optional)
  • Auto leveler with100% Leveling
  • 40% high production then C60
  • Uniform Feed
  • Also aero fine chute feed system
More developments in C70
  • The draw frame module is available in two versions:
  • C 70 SB without auto leveling system
  • C 70 RSB with the mill-proven Rieter autoleveling system
  • High performance High speed machine.
  1. Economical & Flexible
  2. Flexible card clothing
  3. 60% more ACI to conventional card
  4. Touch screen display system
Modern Rieter Card C 70
Lakshmi Machinery Works(LMW)
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., has been consistently at the forefront of technological advancements in textile machinery. A period of time, the company has gained a worldwide reputation for its state-of-the-art technology and high quality standards.

LC 300
  • Model no.- LC300a-v3
  • Production Rate.;- Up to 80 kg/hr.
  • Feeding System:- Chute feed/Lap
  • Working width.- 1000 mm
  • Single licker-in
  • Auto leveler
  • No of flats.- 93
  • In working zone-33
  • Can size.- 600*1000 mm
  • Can Changer;- Automatic Rotary
LC 363/361
  • Model no.- LC363/361
  • Production Rate;- Up to 120kg/hr
  • High speed elements.
  • Feeding System;- Chute feed
  • Working Width;- 1000 mm
  • Multiple licker-in
  • High auto performance leveling
  • No. of flats.- 97
  • In working zone.- 36
  • 40”X48” Stand alone Rotary Can changer
More developments in LC363
  • Dust Extraction;- By individual suction Point or System
  • Aluminum alloy flats with Increased no. of revolving flats.
  • All type sensors are available. eg.- can change, limit switch, etc…
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Flexible clothing.
  • High productivity.
  • Application Range;-
  • Cotton 20-40mm Staple length,
  • Man-made or Blend Up to 60mm staple length.
LMW LC 363
More Datas Of LC 363
  • Sliver Range.- 0.08-0.18ne
  • Draft.- 60-300
  • Weight Of Feed.- 400-800 G/M
  • Total Waste.- 2-10 %
  • Total Weight Of Machine.- 7000 Kg.(7-ton)
Compressed Air requirement:-
  • System pressure.- 6 bar minimum
  • Operating system.- 4-5 bar(58-72 psi)
  • Air consumption.- 0.7 Nm3/hr. 
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