Job Opportunity in Apparel Production in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Senior Officer - Apparel Production

Main Function:
Over-All responsibility of apparel "clothing" production facility (made-to-measure garments).

Reports to: GM

Final Objective:
Finest quality clothes matching branded international fashion in terms of measurement, cutting, sewing and packaging.

Experience: Minimum 5 years

Summary of Duties & Responsibilities:
Responsible of reviewing and supervising the operations flow of the facility under the supervision of the owner.
  1. Analyze the garments structure and consequently quality evaluation and requirements (Garment structure analysis and quality reviews)
  2. Analyze seasonality and manage it effectively by proposing workable alternatives
  3. Review of daily production target and improve the efficiency of sewers and cutters in production.
  4. To identify machinery requirements (Stitching and sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, cutters, Fusion, hanger rail system , button making and over-lock machines etc ).
  5. Review and analyze production costs and improve and develop alternatives and methods that would increase productivity and reduce cost.
  6. Always control the quality of product finishing to be of top quality with minimal deficiencies.
  7. Selection and hiring of QC checkers for future expansions.
  8. Experience in Made to Measure clothing would be a plus.
Critical Additional Requirements:
  1. Technical knowledge of handling long dresses and experience with shirts manufacturing is desirable.
  2. Experience with fabrics like silk, terry -cotton , spun mix and cotton.
  3. Experience of handling workflow of at least 200 persons in a highly organized manufacturing unit.
  4. The person candidate will be required to manage the complete shop floor for made to measure “thobs- dishdash” 
Send your CV at:
Fawwaz Al-Shaer
SGI Group – KSA
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
PO Box 565
Jeddah 21421
Cell. +966505690511
Fax. +966 12 6444632

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