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Different types of Closures used in Garment & why a particular type of closure is used in that instant:
There are many types of Closures used in garments. The main purpose of using closures is as the human body shape requires certain garment components to separate or expand so a garment that surrounds & conforms to the body or specific body parts so can be put on or taken off. Some of the Closure types are;
Purposes of Using Closures

Zippers are mechanical slide fasteners. A zipper closes a placket when two rows of interlocking elements (teeth, scoops or coils) are drawn together by a slider. Zippers allow garments to expand for dressing & to become smooth & fitted when closed. Two types of Zippers can be classified;
  1. Separable Zippers
  2. Non-Separable Zippers
Separable Zippers are used for Jackets and Coats. These zippers can be seen on car coats so that the wearer can unzip the coat from the bottom for more comfortable siting. Non separable zippers are used for garments like Pants, Skirts, and Dresses. This can open only in one direction & have a stop across both halves of the chain at one or both ends so that the slider wills not run-off the chain.
The performance of buttons depends on the materials, structure, quality & performance of each device and its compatibility with garment styling and materials. Button selection is not a simple matter as many different aspects of garment design & production must be considered. Aesthetic buttons can be produced in nearly any shape, color & size. Some buttons are works of art made by hand, using precious metals, stoned and fabrics. Some of the importance of using buttons is below mentioned.
  • Closing security & flatness to the plackets
  • Garment styling, aesthetic appearance
  • To reduce the strain on the shell fabric
  • Provides some space to accommodate the thickness of the fabrics 
Different types of button
Snaps are mechanical closures that consist of a closure unit & an attaching unit. A closure unit consists of two different closure parts a stud or ball and a socket that must be compatible. They are available in varied diameters, depths, and shapes that affect the holding power of the snap. Benefits of using Snaps;
  • Can be used instead of buttons on work cloths, sportswear, children’s wear, jeans and belts as it gives smoothness.
  • Especially suitable for thick garment materials like Leather where buttonhole sewing is undesirable.
  • Used as an invisible fastening, particularly when a smooth, flat closure is desired.
  • Applied to garment parts which have little or no strain during wear such as opening of a loose fitting garment or on a detachable garment part.
Different types of snaps
Different types of snaps
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