Production Parameter of Yarn Dyeing Unit

Yarn Dyeing:
Yarn dyeing is slightly difference from woven or knit dyeing. Yarns are dyed in package form or hank form by yarn dyeing process. Dyeing process can be vary depending on the individual procedure of a textile engineer or a dyeing master. Dyed yarns are used for making stripe knit or woven fabrics or solid dyed yarn fabric or in sweater manufacturing. Yarn dyeing starts from soft winding to packaging. Here production parameters of all section of yarn dyeing are point out below.
Yarn dyeing
Production Parameter of Soft Winding Section:
  • No. of Spindles per m/c
  • Yarn tension.
  • Length of yarn to be winded
  • Package density
  • Package weight
  • Package dimension
  • Type of bobbin
  • Count of yarn
  • M/c speed (meter/min)
  • Type of yarn.
Production Parameter of Batch Section:
  • No. of cones per spindle.
  • Pressing ratio.
Production Parameter for Yarn Dyeing:
  • pH
  • Time
  • Pressure
  • Liquor ratio
  • Temperature
  • Machine Capacity
  • Dye & Chemical Quality
  • Chemical concentration
  • Dye category or Dye type
  • Machine running efficiency
  • Dye percentage/ Shade percentage
  • Yarn composition (i.e. fiber used to make the yarn)
Production Parameter of Hydro Extractor::
  • M/c Capacity.
  • M/c Rpm.
  • Amount of water extracted.
Production Parameter of Dryer:
  • Speed of conveyor belt
  • Radio Frequency efficiency.
  • Moisture content.
  • Moisture Percentage to be removed
  • Running Time
Production Parameter of Hard Winding Section:
  • Yarn tension.
  • Type of yarn.
  • Count of yarn
  • M/c speed (meter/min)
  • No. of Spindles per m/c
  • Package weight to be given
  • Length of yarn to be winded
Production Parameter for Packaging:
  • No. of cones per unit package.
  • Weight of total package.
  • Labeling.
  • Other buyer requirements of packaging. 


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