Problems, Causes and Remedies of Singeing

Singeing is the process of burning of the fiber hairs projecting through the fabric surface. It is done to obtain a uniform & smooth fabric surface by removing hairiness. To ensure uniform optical reflectance throughout the fabric surface in subsequent fabric wet process.
Singeing process
Singeing process
Summary and Solution to Problem in Singeing:
ProblemPossible Cause Countermeasure
In complete singeing
  1. Too low flame intensity.
  2. Too fast fabric speed.
  3. Too far distance between Two burners.
  4. In appropriate singeing Position (not severe enough).
  5. Too much moisture in the Fabric incoming for singeing.
  1. Optimum flame intensity.
  2. Optimum fabric speed.
  3. Optimum distance between the fabric and the burner.
  4. Optimum singeing position.
  5. No excess moisture in the fabric incoming for singeing.
Uneven singeing
(Width ways)
  1. Non-uniform moisture content across the fabric Width.
  2. Non-uniform flame intensity across the fabric Width.
  3. Uneven distance between the burner and the fabric.
  1. Uniform moisture content Across the fabric width.
  2. Uniform flame intensity Across the fabric width.
  3. Uniform distance between the burner and the fabric.
Uneven singeing
  1. Non-uniform moisture Content along the fabric length.
  2. Non-uniform flame intensity along the fabric Length.
  3. Change in fabric speed During singeing.
  4. Change in the distance between the fabric and the Burner along the length.
  1. Uniform moisture content along the fabric length.
  2. Uniform flame intensity Along the fabric length.
  3. Uniform fabric speed During singeing.
  4. Uniform distance between the fabric and the burner along the length.

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