Estimation of Scouring Effect by Weight Loss and Absorbency Test

Estimation of Scouring Effect by Weight Loss and Absorbency Test
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Scouring is the process by which oil, wax, fat are removed from fabric. So that fabric weight will be reduced slightly ( in case of good souring 4%-8%) and absorbency of fabric will be higher for removing of oil, wax, fat etc. Absorbency test are determined by Drop test, Spot test, Immersion test and column test.

  • To know about the scouring process.
  • To know about the estimation of scouring effect.
  • To know about the weight loss and absorbency test.
  • To know about the process of estimation.
At first fabric have to be Scoured. Before souring oven dry weight (1050c x 10′) have to be measured and recorded.

Scouring Recipe
  • NaoH---------------------------------- 7 gm/L
  • Na2CO3 ------------------------------ 3 gm/L
  • Detergent ----------------------------- 1 gm/L
  • Sequestering agent ------------------ 1 gm/L
  • Wetting agent ------------------------ 1 gm/L
  • M t L ----------------------------------1 t 10
  • Temp x time --------------------------900c x 30′
Sample weight = 9.311 gm.

Total liquor = 9.311 x 10 = 93.11 ml

Water = 93.11- (6.5+2.8+1+.1+.1) = 82.61 ≈ 83 ml

After scouring oven dry weight (1050c x 10′) have to be measured and recorded.


1. Determination of Weight Loss

Standard range of weight loss= 4-8%

So it is( 5.48 %) moderate scouring

2. Absorbency Test

a. Immersion Test
Test: sample of ( 1 x 1)cm2 size is cut and it is left on water surface. With the help of stop watch, the time of the fabric for immersing is recorded.

The standard time of immersing is 5sec.

Expt. Sample immersing time is 4.75

Also moderate scouring.

b. (i) Drop Test
In a pipet water is taken and water drop are dropped on the scoured fabric and the absor-ption of the water drop is observed visually.

The standard time for the absorption of one drop is 0.5-0.8 sec upto 1 sec.

Expt. Sample require 6 sec. i.e. not good scouring

(ii) Spot test
In a pipette a solution of 1% direct red (Congo red) is taken and droplet of solution put on the different places of the fabric. Then the shape of the absorption area on the fabric is observed.

From Sample Spot uniform scouring can be said.

C. Column Test / Wicking Test:
  • 18cm x 5 cm sample is cut from scoured sample
  • In a beaker 1% direct dye red color is taken
  • After that a marker is drawn at 1cm above from the sample bottom.
  • Now the sample is hung from a wood stick supported by immersing that 1cm portion of fabric in the dye liquor
  • Then we measured the point upto which the colored solution in absorbed straight above way by the sample in 5 min time.
Column Test Result:
Standard range 30-50 mm.
Expt. Sample Average range is 30 mm

Result and Discussion
For shortage of scouring time souring have been medium to good.

At last we can say that, how to estimate of scouring effect is known by this experiment. Knowledge is gained from this experiment which is very helpful in our practical life. Special thanks to our teacher who has been help us to complete this experiment.

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