Color Fastness to Laundering

Color Fastness to Laundering

Colorfastness is the property of a dye or print that enables it to retain its depth and shade through the wear life of a product. The purpose of this test method is to evaluate the degree of color loss after repeated home launderings and staining of other items in a wash load. It is AATCC Test Method 61-2010. The fabric color loss and surface changes resulting from detergent solution and abrasive action of six typical hands by on 45 minutes test, (Time will be according to the buyer’s requirement.)
Apparatus and Material:
  • Launder-O-Meter or similar apparatus for rating closed containers in a thermostatically controlled water bath at 40 + 2 rpm
  • Stainless steel containers.
  • Adopter plates for holding containers on Launder-O-Meter shaft.
  • Stainless steel balls.
  • Grey scale. (For staining and color change)
  • Teflon gaskets. (For container lids)
  • Multi fiber. (Silk, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic and Wool)
  • Standard detergent.
  • Distilled water.
  • Test specimen. (2×6)
  • Beaker. (For solution)
  • Stick. (For shake the solution)
  • Hot plate.
Test Procedure:
  1. Take distilled water. (One liter)
  2. Temperature of water (80°C – 90°C)
  3. Put the two grams detergent (According to buyer’s requirement. Consult with manual) and shake till five minutes.
  4. Let it cool at 40°C – 45°C. (Solution is prepared)
  5. Solution should be fresh.
  6. Take the fabric swatch (2×6)and make sandwich taking multi fiber between them. Make sure the wool should be at the top.
  7. Put only one staple at the top.
  8. Take the temperature of launder-O-meter at 49°C.
  9. Put 50 steel balls,150 ml solution and swatch in container. Ensure that the containers are tight and balanced. You may use dummy load as well.
  10. Set the time at 45 minutes. (According to the buyer’s requirement. Consult with manual)
  11. After the completion of the test, wash the swatch with cold water properly.
  12. Tested specimens to condition at room temperature 65 + 2% relative humidity and 21°C + 1°C for one hour or until drying before evaluating.
  1. Access the staining of multi fiber on cotton, polyester, nylon using AATCC 10 point Grey scale for staining.
  2. Access the color change of the tested sample using AATCC Grey scale for color change.
  1. 3 or better for color staining.(According to the buyer’s standard.)
  2. 4 or better for color change.(According to the buyer’s standard.) 
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