Ultrasonic Assisted Wet Processing

Ultrasonic Assisted Wet Processing
Aravin Prince Periyasamy
Asst Professor, Dept of Textile Technology,
DKTE Textile Engineering Institute, Kolhapur, India
E-mail: aravinprince@gmail.com

Ultrasound Energy:
Ultrasound energy
is sound waves with frequencies above 20,000 oscillations per second, which is above the upper limit of human hearing.

Ultrasound energy generation
The ultrasonic waves can be generated by variety of ways. Mostly it is produced by piezo-electric and magnatostrictive transducers.

Mechanisms of Ultrasound Energy:
  1. Increasing swelling of fiber in water.
  2. Reducing glass transition (Tg) temperature of the fiber.
  3. Reduce the size of the dye particles. It helps to enhance the transport of the dye to the fiber.
Applications of Ultrasound Energy:
  1. It degraded starch followed by ultrasonic desizing could lead to considerably energy saving as compared to conventional starch sizing and desizing.
  2. The scouring of wool in neutral and very light alkaline bath reduces the fiber damage and enhance rate of processing.
  3. It is more beneficial to the application of water insoluble dyes to the hydrophobic fibers.
  4. Among the textile fibers, polyester is structurally compact fiber with a high level of crystallinity and without recognized dye sites.
  5. Ultrasonic waves accelerate the rate of diffusion of the disperse dye inside the polyester fiber.
Benefits of Ultrasound Energy:
  1. Energy savings by dyeing at lower temperatures and reduced processing times.
  2. Environmental improvements by reduced consumption of auxiliary chemicals.
  3. Increased color yields.
  4. Enzymatic treatments supplemented with ultrasonic energy resulted in shorter processing times, less consumption of expensive enzymes, less fiber damage, and better uniformity treatment to the fabric. 
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