Properties of Hosiery Yarns | Applications of Hosiery Yarns

An Overview of Hosiery Yarn
Afsana Rahman
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh

Hosiery Yarns
These yarns are processed from premium quality fiber and thus, are extensively used for weaving and knitting hosiery fabrics. Available in a wide variety of lengths, colors and thickness, which can also be customized as per the demands of the clients.
Hosiery Yarns
Hosiery Yarns
Types of Hosiery yarns
  1. Carded hosiery yarns
  2. Combed hosiery yarns
Carded hosiery yarns
Carded hosiery yarns
Combed hosiery yarns
Combed hosiery yarns
Other types of Hosiery Yarns
  1. Hosiery white yarns
  2. Polyester dyed hosiery yarns
Hosiery white yarns
Hosiery white yarns
Polyester dyed hosiery yarns
Polyester dyed hosiery yarns
Properties of Hosiery Yarns
  1. It is suitable for knitting for its softness.
  2. It should have less twist and hairiness.
  3. It should have less friction required.
  4. It must be regular.
  5. Continuity of each yarn.
  6. It has smooth texture.
  7. It is durable.
  8. Excellent abrasion resistance.
  9. Available in varied sizes and thickness.
  10. Uniform properties with high tensile strength
  11. For consistent stitch formation, giving dimensional stability to the garments you produce.
  12. Eliminate the stretch and sag factor.
  13. Luster and brilliance in color
  14. Custom color matching
Advantage of Hosiery Yarns
  1. Do not crepe
  2. Low hairiness
  3. Extremely light weight
  4. High elastic properties
  5. It has colorfastness quality
  6. Soft to the touch
  7. More durable
  8. More colorfastness
Disadvantage of Hosiery Yarns
  1. It is unhygienic when it makes with more synthetic fiber
  2. Another side, more cotton mixed hosiery is less durable
Use of Hosiery Yarns
Use all kinds of hosiery product. Like – Hose, Three quarter hose, Men’s half hose, Tights, Panty-hose, Stockings, Hosiery, Body stockings, Compression stockings, Leggings, Toe socks, Legwarmers etc.
Various uses of hosiery yarns
Various uses of hosiery yarns
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