Grey Fabric Faults, Causes and Their Remedy

Greige Fabric Fault:
Fabric faults are the defects or faults that occur during weaving or knitting. These defects vary from minor to major. The minor defects may be barely visible whereas the major are clearly noticeable.
Hole in knitted fabric
Fabric is the main raw material for the garment making. If faulty fabric is being used in garment making, at end garment manufacturer get a faulty or defective garment, not a quality garment. Fabric inspection is considered one of the important processes in garment production. Often inspectors are given the responsibility of inspecting finished garments without adequate training in fabric defects and their causes.

Grey Fabric Faults/Defects, Causes and Their Remedy:
Following faults are found in the grey fabric:

Problem for hole
Broken needle head
Change the needle
Problem for missing yarn
Missing of one end of double yarn
Careful observation and instant machine stop when fault found
Problem for needle line
Bent needle latch
Replace the needle
Problem for thick thin yarn
Replace the yarn cone to a more uniform yarn cone
Problem for slubs
Yarn fault
Replace the yarn cone to a more uniform yarn cone
Problem for drop needle
Needle failed to receive the yarn while knitting, needle missing
Reset the needle
Problem for Barrie mark / patta
Irregular tension of take down roller
Adjust the take down tension or synchronize the take down speed with knitting.
Problem for pin hole
Due to missing stitches or loops
Concentrate on needle and latch
Problem for oil line
Improper lubrication
Proper lubrication
Problem for fly contact
Fly coming from the adjacent machine
Separate one machine from other
Problem for oil stain
Dirty machine and improper handling of fabric
Proper lubrication and clean machine
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