Success Stories of Textile Sector in Bangladesh

Success Stories of Textiles Sector in Bangladesh

Muhaiminul Islam Ovi
Bangladesh University of Textiles
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To change the socio economic condition of Bangladesh, textile sector plays a great role here. Almost 4 million people are directly or indirectly depend on it's flow. So, if the textile sector becomes imbalance, it will directly hurt the economic condition of our country.

The success stories of our textile sector should be told towards others for retaining it’s reputation. At present this sector passing a horrible time before any. The disaster happened in Rana plaza and Tajrin fashion decrease our oppurtunity to become the number 1 in this sector. Many internationally reputed industries are not willing to give any deal to Bangladesh. The sudden death of workers, movement for wage hiking affect the balance of our textile sector very much.It’s a common interest for Bangladeshi trade unions and employees to save the RMG sector.
Textile Sector in Bangladesh
Garment makers should build a strong communication strategy to tell the stories. The media of Bangladesh can play a vital role here. But serious work and honest intention must be can help to reform the sector and projecting it’s success. If the industry can take wrong steps the media will report this. The BGMEA can play a vital role here also.they can arrange different types of party where the success stories and the dadication of our people to this sector will be told at the presence of foreign commercials.The newspaper can publish more and more positive news about this sector. some mediamen complain that the do not get the updated data from BGMEA. It’s really unfortunate.the BGMEA should become more careful about the helping system. Bangladesh government should be more concerned about this is it's duty to get back the reputation of this sector for the sake of our countrymen. Improving labour standards will be a bigger role of the media to showcase the achievements and potential of the sector.building a positive labour relationship with trade unions can change the sector positively. It’s a good news for us that our entrepreneurs are now going for textile friendly manufacturing must be highlighted. Bangladesh is now the second largest apparel exporter after Chaina,earning 20 billion USD a year. Country preception plays a great role when it comes to high end apparel items of the value chain.So branding Bangladesh is an inevitable part.
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Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. He is working with one European textile machinery company as a country agent. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia.

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