History of Ready-made Garment (RMG) Sector in Bangladesh

History of RMG Sector in Bangladesh

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Now a days textile sector of Bangladesh retains it's top position in global market. This can't be gained overnights. Bangladesh can get it's present position by dint of merit and industry of people of Bangladesh. The base of textile sector was first established in 60th decade of the last century. "Mercury shirts" which is originated from Karachi started the RMG business first. The industry exported shirts to the European market in 1965-66 first.
textile sector of Bangladesh
Workers in RMG Industry
In 1977-78 only 9 exporting industries were available in this country which deal with 10 million used every year.there were 3 big industries available in that time. They were:
  1. Riaz garments
  2. Jewel garments
  3. Paris garments.
Of them, Riaz garments was the most well known and oldest industry in that time. In Urdu road of Dhaka it started it's business with some tailoring shop first. In that time it was known as Riaz store. In 1973, it was named Riaz garments. In 1978, it started exporting products abroad.it exported 1 million pieces of shirts to the Olanda, a South Korean company.

Another garments known as Desh Garments, also treated as the pathfinder of textile sector in Bangladesh.

In 1979 Desh Garments opened a joint venture project with south Korean company "Daiyuu".

At present RMG sector of Bangladesh deals with 22 billion USD every year. 4 million people directly depend on the ups and downs of the sector.the 81% of the total export earnings are come from this textile sector.

The textile sector passes it's golden time now.with the help of the government and different organizations we may hope for the betterment of this sector.

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