Woven Fabric Analysis | Analysis of Woven Fabric

Analysis of Woven Fabric

Mofizur Rahaman Akash
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Experiment Name: Analysis of woven fabric

Objectives :
  1. To find and sketch the weave structure of the given fabric sample.
  2. To know the specification of the fabric.
  3. To identify the drafting & lifting plan of the weave.
Sample :

Apparatuses :
  1. Counting Glass
  2. Needle
  3. Beasley’s Balance
  4. GSM Cutter/ Scissor
  5. Graph Paper
Analysis :

1. Face Side & Back Side: The face side & back side are almost same. The face side is slightly lighter & smoother than the back side. So it is very difficult to indicate face side & back side.

2. Direction of warp & weft: Direction of both warp & weft are indicated by arrow mark by the side of the sample.

3. Thread Density:
  • EPI: Provided sample of EPI is 53
  • PPI: Provided sample of PPI is 42
4. Yarn Count:
  • Warp:
  • Weft:
5. GSM Calculation:

Say, 1 sq. inch fabric weight= 0.1020gm
1×1 sq. inch fabric weight= 0.1020gm

Here, 1 inch= 0.0254meter
i.e., 0.0254×0.0254 sq. meter fabric weight= 0.1020gm
1×1sq. meter fabric weight={0.1020/(0.0254* 0.0254)}
= 158.10031

6. Weave Plan:
In graph the gaps between lines are considered according to x-axis as weft threads & according to y-axis as warp threads. The up threads are indicated by filling up the gaps & the down threads without filling up the gaps.

7. Drafting Plan: According to British System the drafting is drawn on the top of the weave plan. Here pointed draft is used to draft the plan.

8. Lifting Plan: The lifting plan is drawn at the right side of the weave plan.

9. Repeat Size: The repeat size of this fabric is 24×24.

10. Weave Design: The weave design of this fabric is diaper design.

Conclusion :

In this experiment, we have to learn about the thread density, yarn count, GSM & design (weave plan, drafting plan, lifting plan & repeat size) of woven fabric. This is help to analysis of woven fabric.

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