List of Maintenance Tools Used in Textile Mill

Different Maintenance Tools Used in Textile Industry
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Experiment name: Study on Maintenance Tools.

  • To know about maintenance.
  • To know about different maintenance tools and their functions.
Maintenance is the chronological activities or as the process of systematic activities which is done to keep the factory plan equipment machine tools etc. in an optimum working condition, minimize the breakdown of machine's to improve Productivity of existing machine tools and avoid sinking of additional capacity and to prolong the useful life of the factory plant & machinery.

  • To increase the life time cycle of machinery & equipment
  • In case of appropriate functioning.
  • Better or superior quality f or the product.
  • Higher productivity of machines
  • Wastage reduces & control.
  • Economization of the process.
Setting: Setting is the activities to set or install the machine parts or required ancillaries. Adjustment also complementary word to setting used f or appropriate setting.

Checking: Checking means investigation of machine condition. It is very important work in case of maintenance. It is very skilled depends work as successful maintenance that depends on correct fault detection.

Repairing: Repairing or altering of spares & equipment (if necessary) is to be detected & necessary measures are taken (repairing\altering\setting\adjustment).

Overhauling: It is the work of maintenance, but not frequent or schedule work. It is done as per as necessary.


Basically there exist 2 systems on which based different types of maintenance are done. They are:
  1. Break down maintenance
  2. Planned maintenance.
  1. Preventive maintenance.
  2. Productive maintenance.
  3. Routine\schedule maintenance (Cleaning, checking, lubricating).
  4. Remedial maintenance.
  5. Restorative maintenance\emergency maintenance.
Maintenance Tools:
Maintenance tools are that tools used in maintenance of a machine. Different types of maintenance tools are used in Textile sector for different machines every day. Name of some maintenance tools used in textile machine and their function are given below:

Tools Name
Images & Function
Combination tools (Spanner)
  • It is usually made of forged steel.
  • The size of spanners denotes the size of the bolt on which it can work.
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Nuts & bolts
Socket Ratchet set

Function: Tightening of Nuts & bolts
Slide Range
  • They may consist of a slot, socket, pins, or moveable jaw for grasping the nut, with the rest of the tool serving as a handle applying pressure.
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Nuts & bolts

Function: Forging hot metal, riveting, bending,
Straightening, peening, stretching and swaging.
Screw driver
  • Made of steel.
  • The blade is shaped on flattened to fit recesses in the head of screws on bolts.
Function: Is a hand tool, designed to turn or release screws or bolts.
  • Generally made of steel.
Function: For loosing & tighten the screw.
Steel Tape

Function: To measure the length.
Function: To grip anything & cut metal wires.
Hacksaw blade

Function: To cut any metal thing.

Function: Used to fit any worm out shaft.
Oil Can & Grease Gun

Function: For Oiling & greasing of moving Parts of M/C.
Drill M/C and Drill bit.

Function: For Drilling.

Function: Generally all necessary maintenance tools are kept in a box it is called tool box. Generally it is made of steel.

By this experiment we learn about different necessary maintenance tools for an industry, their function. The tools should be handling with care & put it in the right place.
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