Features of Modern Carding Machine

Features of Modern Card

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Carding is known as heart of spinning” and “well carded is half spun” these two saying plays an significant role of card in spinning mills. The basic concept of carding is same since 1770, but there’s a huge increase is seen in production from 5kg/hr to 100 kg/hr since all these years.
Trützschler Card TC 11
Various tasks performed by card m/c are:
  1. Opening to individual fibers
  2. Elimination of impurities occurs mainly in the licker-in region
  3. Elimination of Dust, which are bound to the fibers
  4. Disentangling of neps
  5. Blending, orientation, parallelisation
  6. Fibre orientation
  7. Web formation
  8. Sliver formation
So in card we make sliver basically from raw open and clean cotton, which is cleaned, blended, oriented, parallelised in card to get the desired product that is sliver. But everyone in textile field knows this, so coming to the point I will share the information regarding progress in cards,its principles, various new features etc.

So according to my personal information and data, most of the mills world wide use Trützschler cards, these cards are efficient, productive, easy to clean, and gives higher production, so we will discuss here the features of their latest card that is TC-11

Trützschler Card TC 11
The new success formula for carding “Trützschler efficiency = circumference x width of card cylinder”
  • Approx. 40 % more production at
  • Same compact space
  • Highest quality due to longest
  • Carding section on the market
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Lowest waste quantities
  • Longer carding section = more quality (5.3 m sq.)
  • More carding width = more productivity
  • Best performance/price ratio
  • Lowest operating costs approx. 40 % more production at same space requirement.
The formula „[– 1]“ stands for the Trützschler concept of saving an entire production step with the Integrated Draw Frame IDF, compared to classic spinning lines. This significantly reduces the costs of investments, operation and maintenance.

Key Features of Trützschler TC-11 Card are:
  1. Fully-integrated tuft feeder DIRECTFEED- High production with even card feeding
  2. Setting Optimiser T-Con - For maximum utilisation of the TC 11 potential
  3. Flexible Integral Feed Tray SENSOFEED+/- - Short-wave levelling for a low sliver count variation
  4. Sliver former WEBSPEED - Completely maintenance-free
  5. Precision Knife Setting System PMS - Adjustment of waste amount in no time at all
  6. Aluminium flat bars without screw connection - Quick flat exchange, without tools
  7. Magnet Flat System MAGNOTOP - Replacement of flat tops directly on the machine without tools
  8. Precision Flat Setting System PFS - Reproducible flat setting in only a few seconds
  9. Flat Measuring System FLATCONTROL - Objective and very precise flat adjustment
  10. Infinitely variable setting of the flat speed - Exact adaptation to the fibre quality in only a few seconds
  11. Electronic cylinder brake - Reduces cleaning and maintenance time
  12. Nep sensor NEPCONTROL - Online measurement of neps and trash particles
  13. Computer control with touch screen - Simple operation and targeted maintenance
  14. Digital motor controls - Maintenance-free and high-precision
  15. Spectrogram monitoring - Stops the card in case of faults in the spectrogram
  16. Thick place monitoring - Stops the card in case of excessive thick places in the sliver
  17. Spectrogram analysis - Assists in finding the cause of spectrogram errors
  18. Management of maintenance and card clothing - Targeted maintenance support
  19. 3-roll WEBFEED Unit - For gentle pre-opening
  20. WEBFEED with one roll - For the carding of man-made fibres or ELS cotton
  21. Needle or clothed rolls - Perfectly tailored to your product
  22. Thick place monitoring and metal detection in the feed area - For quality assurance and protection of the card
  23. Long- and short-wave levelling system - For perfect card sliver evenness
  24. Special toothed belts for flat guiding - Flat replacement without tools
  25. Premium clothings from TCC, made of high-grade steel - Extended service life ensures longer maintenance intervals
  26. High-precision aluminium elements with super-smooth surfaces - Gentle material guidance in the fibre-carrying areas
  27. Central safety locking system - High operational safety 
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