Artificial Skin | Characteristics and Raw Materials of Artificial Skin

Artificial Skin
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Artificial Skin: 
After taking out burnt / spoiled skin, surgeons covered the injury with a covering called artificial skin.
Artificial Skin
We can highlight artificial skin by the following points,
  1. Skin grafting is the procedure of replacing dead skin with live skin.
  2. There are two primary methods of skin grafting
  3. Autologous skin graft &
  4. Allograft transfer
  5. The Autologous skin graft transfers skin from one part of the body to another part. The allograft transfers skin from the body of other people/cadaver.
  6. Allograft cover only temporary cover, as they are quickly rejected by a person’s immune system.
  7. The artificial skin is used in the skin grafting process.
Product Characteristics:
Artificial skin consists of two layers.

1. Bottom layer: It is made in such a way that it can regenerate the lower layer of real skin. The ingredients of bottom layer made a matrix of interwoven bovine collagen (a fibrous cow protein) and a sticky carbohydrate molecule called glycosaminoglycan , which imitate the fibrous pattern of the bottom layer of skin.

2. Upper layer: The upper layer is mainly a medical-grade, flexible silicon piece that imitate the top, epidermal layer of skin. The commercial name one of the artificial skin graft is Integra® & it looks some what like translucent plastic wrap

Raw materials:

Chitin is used to manufacture the artificial skin.

Technology used:


Some Manufacturer of Artificial Skin:
  1. Human Bio Sciences Incorporated (India)
  2. Delhi Dressing And Surgicals (India)
  3. Intercytex Ltd. (UK) 
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