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Uganda has been blessed as one of the best countries in East and Central Africa and Africa at large that offer academic knowledge hosting some the leading institutions. There are a number of institutions of higher learning textile in Uganda offering qualifications in specific areas of textiles including; Fashion and Design, Weaving, Knitting, Silk reeling and others but at a very small scale. Those which have offered Textile knowledge extensively have been showed here below;

1. BUSITEMA UNIVERSITY (“Pursuing Excellence” )
Busitema University is a multi-campus Public University located in Eastern Uganda and established by statutory instrument No. 22, 2007 enacted by Parliament on 10th May 2007.

Busitema University main Campus is located along Jinja - Tororo High way 27 Kms Southwest of Tororo Municipality.

Busitema University Campus
The department of Ginning and Textile Engineering is projected to be a Centre of Excellence in Textiles in East and Central Africa plus the Southern Africa region. (COMESA member states)

The department of Ginning and Textile Engineering is housed in the buildings of the Faculty of Engineering, Busitema Main Campus.

It’s the only independent department offering undergraduate training in ginning and textile engineering in Uganda.

In January 2010, the department established a collaboration between DKTE society’s institute of Textile & Engineering located in Ichalkaranji India. Professors from India visit the department for teaching purposes whereas the department sends two best students and two department staff for vocational and textile training for two months respectively.

The department is fully equipped with qualified staff; those with Masters Degrees are developing doctoral research projects, others which Bachelor’s degrees are starting master’s programs with some on study leave overseas. The department is setting up a state of art and modern Textile research laboratories and computer lab.

Research and Projects
The department of ginning and Textile Engineering is to be a center of Textile Engineering research. The department has embarked on banana fiber research with the main goal of production of textiles from banana and other natural fibers.

Students and staff are developing promising research projects in the field of textile materials, processing, manufacturing and production.

The BSc. Textile Engineering program lasts four years.

Visit the website for more information:
Or call: +256 776 865 392,  +256 702 865 391,  +256 712 865 391
Team Leader (Principal Investigator)
Eng. Johnnie WafulaWandera.

2. KYAMBOGO UNIVERISTY (“Knowledge and Skills for Service” )
Kyambogo University is the second biggest public university in Uganda. It is the biggest institute in Uganda offering quality academic and practical knowledge in the fields of engineering and technology.
Kyambogo University Campus
Kyambogo University has been positioned in a very strategic location for the students to study and comprehend what has been shared. It has a great natural environment covered with green campus with shades of fully grown trees.

The University is located 8km from the capital city of Uganda; Kampala towards the East, away from the noise of the city. Visit: for more information about Kyambogo University

Textile is still a new field at Kyambogo University but growing rapidly. Currently it is still under the Department of Chemistry but will emerge as a full department in the year 2014 with a full team of highly qualified staff and up to date textile technology.

Kyambogo University started offering qualifications in Textile in the year 2006 and they are growing every day in the fields of research and advancement in the use of technology in this field in the home industry. This section has been a major contribution to the commencement and running of the Textile engineering department of their counterparts in Busitema University.

Textile practical and academic knowledge has been taughtunder internationally recognized qualifications in the following categories;
  1. Certificate of weaving
  2. Diploma in Textile Design Technology
  3. Bachelor’s degree of Science in Textile and Clothing Technology. 

For more information about Textile at Kyambogo University visit the department website ( or use the following contacts;

Okumu Charles Raymond,
Head of Chemistry Department
Tel: +256(0)-772480663


The Registry, Kyambogo University
P.O. Box 1 Kyambogo, Uganda
Tel: 0414 285037
Fax: 0414 220464
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