Determination of Tear Strength in Fabrics

Fabric Tear Strength Test

Md. Rubel Miah
Department of Textile engineering
World University of Bangladesh

Tear Strength Test:
Force required to propagate an existing tear is measured. As a part of the preparation of fabric specimen, a cut is in them and the force is required to extend the cut is measured.

This is conventionally carried out by gripping the two halves of the cut a standard tensile tester. 5 ward and 5 weft samples should be taken to carry out this test.

Tear strength of fabric
Fig: Tear strength of fabric
Types of Tear Strength Test:
  1. Single rip tear test/ Trouser tear test
  2. Wing rip tear test
I. Single Rip Tear Test:  
According to SSEN ISO 13937(2) – 2000, a fabric sample of 200mm length and 50mm width is prepared with a single tear in it.

Mounting the Sample:
Fig: Tear strength test
The overall mean tear force across weft, in newton (N) or centinewton (CN).

II. Wing Rip Tear Test:  
The Wing rip tear test overcomes some problems which are found with the single rip test as it is capable of testing most types of fabrics without causing a transfer of tear. During the test the point of tearing remains substantially in line with center of the grip.

Sample preparation: (According to British standrad)

Fig: Sample prepartion
Mounting in the Tensile Test:
Fig: Mounting sample
Five specimen across the warp and five specimen across the weft are tested.

Result: Mean tear force N or CN
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