Defects in Woven Fabric with Image

Weaving Defects in Fabric

Ramandeep Singh
B.Tech, Dept. of Textile Engineering
Giani Zail Singh Punjab Technical University Campus,
Bathinda, Punjab, India

Common Weaving Defects:

  1. Missing end/pick
  2. Broken end/pick
  3. Double end/pick
  4. Floats
  5. Weft bar
  6. Stop mark or staining mark
  7. Hole, cut tear
  8. Smash
  9. Damaged selvedge
Faults are given below with picture:
Missing warp
Weaving defect
Thick weft
Weft bar
Stenter mark
Dirty weft
Design cut
Double warp
Bow and bias
Dirty warp
Crease mark
Loose weft
Loose warp
Oil stain
Missing pick
Contamination yarn
Shuttle trap
Roll up creases
Starting mark
Slubs and knot
Weft bar


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