Shade Checking System in Dyeing Floor

What is shade:
Shade is depth of color . It is a common word in dyeing , printing and finishing unit of a textile mill . It's the physical testing methods of , offline quality control assurance system .

About shade matching :
Shade matching depends on the accuracy of the man's eye. It is a visual process for this reason some shade may have different comments from different person . So , dyeing expert is needed for this purpose . Besides the computer color matching system can help man to take a decision about matching the shade.
Color cabinet
Time of shade checking:
The shade is need checked in several times , to ensure the customers demand and condition. Generally the shade is checked at the following stage............
  1. After dyeing .
  2. After drying .
  3. After trial for finishing .
  4. After finishing .
Shade checking Instruments:
Shade of the color varies depending on the light source under which sample is checked out . For this reason , buyer/ customers gives specific light source under which sample will be checked . For this the following equipment is used........

Name-------------------Verivide light box .
Manufacturer----------James H.Heal & Company Ltd.
Origin-------------------England .

Light source:
  1. D-65 ( artificial day light)
  2. TL-84
  3. F (filament light )
  4. UV ( ultraviolet blue light )
For shade matching , it's important to understand about the color tone . It's also important to know about the color combination by which color will be produced .
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