Cotton Grading | Standard Chart of Cotton Grade

About Cotton Grading:
Cotton classification by grade is defined as the art and science of describing the quality of cotton in terms of grade according to the official standards. Cotton is classed to determine essentially it's grade , which indicates the spinning value and utility and hence the market value or the price of cotton.

Standard Chart of Cotton Grade:
There are different types of cotton . Here I only discuss about the U.S. cotton grade by standards officials grading system.....

Cotton grade----------------------------Color grade-----------------------------Leaf grade
(white---light spotted--spotted--tinged--yellow stain)

Good Middling-----1-----11-----12----------13------- * -------*-----------1

Strict Middling-----2-----21-----22----------23--------24------25---------2

Middling ----------3-----31-----32----------33--------34-------35--------3

Strict Low middling--4---41----42-----------43------44------*------------4

Low Middling-------5----51----52-----------53------54-------*-----------5

Strict Good Ordinary--6--61----62-----------63------*----------*---------6

Good Ordinary-------7---71-----*------------*-------*----------*--------7

How we can understand cotton grade:
By this chart we can easily understand/identified the cotton grade....for example ,

What do we means by Cotton grade 32-2?

Here ,
3 means Cotton grade (Middling).
2 means Color grade (Light spotted) and
2 means Leaf grade (strict Middling).

By this process we can identified all types of cotton grade for us cotton...

By the Cotton grade merchants could efficiently buy and sell cotton in accordance with it's grade . So grading is very important for textiles mills specially spinning mills . Here I only try to gives general knowledge about grading . If I mistakes anything please try to help me correction.

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