Production Calculations for Warp Knitting

Production Calculations for Warp Knitting
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Importance of Production Calculation:
Production calculations help us in judging how much time it would take to produce, say, 1000 kg of a particular fabric. It helps us in calculating costs of production as well as provides a time to the customer by which his product will be delivered to him.

This also helps us in judging how much it costs us to produce one unit of product. This further helps us in setting a target selling price of the product as well as judge how much it would cost our competitors to produce the same product(as the machines with the competitor may be different in terms of faster/slower than ours; have higher/lower maintenance cost; etc).

At the end of the year, costing may help us decide which products were sold at a higher margin and which at a lower margin helping us to be more profitable next year as we would definitely concentrate on manufacturing products with a higher margin.

Gauge of Machine: No. of needles per inch

Speed of Machine: RPM of machine

Coarses set on Machine: No. of stitches to be used to produce 1 cm of fabric

Fabric Weight: It is usually expressed in GSM (grams per square meter)

Working Width: The width of the machine that is used for manufacturing fabric. A 180” machine may be used to produce 170” of fabric and thus the working width is 170”.

Production Calculations:

When the Grey fabric is sent for processing, its characteristics change. Its gsm may or may not change.

The gsm of the finished fabric should be equal to what the customer requested for. The expected % age change due to processing is usually judged by experience. Thus if for a particular product, experience says that the fabric will shrink by 20% and we have to produce 100 gsm of finished fabric, we will manufacture 80 gsm of grey fabric.
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