Flow Chart of Traditional Jute Processing

Different Types of Jute Yarn:
The composite mills traditionally manufacture the following types jute of yarns-

1. Fine yarn of 120-224tex(3.5-6.5lb/spy) to be used for carpets and various non-traditional end products like decorative fabrics.

2. CBC yarn of 224-293tex(6.5-8.5lb/spy) for using as carpet backing cloth or very fine cloth.

3. Medium coarse yarn of 241-414tex(7-12lb/spy) for:
  • Hessian warp 241-310tex(7-9lb/spy)
  • Hessian weft 241-414tex(7-12lb/spy)
  • Sacking warp 276-345tex(8-10lb/spy)
  • Other type of end products like canvas.
4. Coarse yarn of 483tex and above(14lb/spy and above) for sacking weft and coarse end-products like matting.

5. Piled yarns or twines of different counts.
Flow Chart for Traditional Jute Processing:

Raw jute

Assortment and Hackling

Batch selection

Softening/ Application of emulsion( Spreader / Softener m/c)

Conditioning or pilling( 24-72hrs)

Cardiong( Normally two stages of carding; Breaking and finisher card, additionally inner card is also used if required.)

Drawing( Usually 3-4 passages but for sacking weft two passages)

Spinning( Flyer or ring spinning)

For conventional products

Twisting( Ring twister)

Plying Warp 
Brushing and singeing

Weaving(Broad and narrow loom)


Lapping ↔ Cutting and sewing(for bag manufacturing)


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