Straight Knife Cutting Machine with Advantages and Disadvantages

Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
It is the most useful cutting instrument in apparel cutting. In apparel industry, more than 99% cases this knife is used. This machine is called straight knife cutting machine because its cutter is straight in shape. It is used for both woven & knit fabric. In this machine different types of straight knife are used according to the different cutting objects. This machine provides good efficiency. 

Fig: Straight Knife Cutting Machine
Features of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. The main parts of this machine are straight knife, electric motor, handle, grinder, base plate, stand/ knife holder, lubricating unit, wheel etc.
  2. Could be used to cut higher depth of fabric.
  3. Knife height is 10 cm to 33 cm.
  4. Knife stroke is 2.5 cm to 4.5 cm.
  5. Motor r.p.m. is 3000 to 4000.
  6. Auto grinder is used.
  7. Auto lubricating unit works for this machine.
  8. Different types of knife edge are used for cutting different objects. Such as, straight edge, wave edge, sew edge & serrated edge.
  9. A Handle for the cutter to direct the Knife.
  10. Knife guard is attached to the front of the knife.
  11. Sharp & heavy corners can be cut.
  12. Maximum 70% of knife height is used for fabric lay.
  13. Wheels are under the base plate to move the machine smoothly.
  14. Machine weight is around 12-15 kg.
  15. Knife cut the fabric very fast due to high speed of motor. That increases the risk of fabric damage.
Advantages of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. A large number of fabric lays can be cut by the machine due to high length of knife & r.p.m. of the motor. So, productivity is high.
  2. Automatic grinding.
  3. Automatically lubrication.
  4. Comparatively cheep.
  5. Can be moved easily by wheel.
  6. Suitable for straight line & curve line.
  7. Can be cut high curve line than round knife.
  8. Fabric can be cut from any angle.
Disadvantages of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. High speed of the machine causes high risk of damage.
  2. Faulty knife could damage fabric layer.
  3. Motor weight creates knife deflection which may be creates faulty pieces.
  4. Risk is high for physical damage of operator.
  5. Knife required to replace.
Uses/Application of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
It’s suitable for straight line cutting, curve line cutting & for large part cutting. It is used for large production. Most commonly used in Garments Industry of Bangladesh (99%). 

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