Mineral Khaki Dye | Properties of Mineral Khaki Dyes | Application of Mineral Khaki Dye on Cotton

Mineral Khaki Dyes:
Mineral Khaki Colour produces by the dyeing process of Iron buff and Chrome green colour mixing. It's generally applied on Cotton. This can not applied on Silk or wool. Because, this dye decrease the flexibility and luster of slik and wool. Mineral khaki colour produces by chemical reaction of metal salt. This classes dyes are----chrome yellow, chrome orange, chrome green, manganese brown, iron buff, khaki, prussian blue etc.

Define of Mineral Khaki Dyes:
By mixing of 50% Iron buff and 50% chrome alum solution, which military khaki colour is produces, it's called mineral khaki dyes. It's other name is Military khaki dye.

Properties of Mineral Khaki Dyes:
  1. This dyes are generally applied on Cotton fibers.
  2. It's light fastness and washing fastness is good.
  3. This colour dyed fabric is decrease by acid.
  4. It's used for military dress dyeing.
Application of Mineral Khaki Dye on Cotton:

1st Method:
Iron buff/ferrous sulphate--------------------------3-5% o.w.m. [On the weight of materials]
Sulphuric acid----------------------------------------2-3% o.w.m.
Potassium bichromate----------------------------2-3% o.w.m.
Temerature---------------------------------------------90-99 degree C.
Time------------------------------------------------------30-60 minute

Process Sequence:
At room temp. set the dye bath with some hot water and Iron buff /Ferrous sulphate. After some times Potassium bichromate and sulphuric acid add on the bath and add the rest water.Raise temperature at 50 C. and add fabric on the bath.The temperature raise at 99 C. and run the dye bath about 60 minute.After dyeing the fabric washing and found khaki colour.

2nd Method:
Chrome alum--------------------------------------------5% o.w.m.
Ferric chloride-------------------------------------------5% o.w.m.
Temperature----------------------------------------------90-99 degree C.
Time---------------------------------------------------------30 minute

Process Sequence:
  1. Set the dye bath with required water.
  2. Add Chrome alum and ferric chloride.
  3. Add fabric into dye bath solution and raise the temperature at 90-99 C.
  4. Rum time of dye bath is 30 minute.
  5. Cool down the dye bath and bath drain.
  6. Soda solution make in the other bath and add the dyed fabric in it to produces colour.
  7. Raise the temp.at 99 C.about 30 minute.
  8. Soaping the goods at 90 c. and washing by cold water as after treatment.
Different khaki colour also produces by mixing of different % of chrome and Iron buff with menganege salt. If It's used in textiles, but It is now very unknown in the market. It's used for only military dress dyeing.

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