Maintenance Tools, Equipments and Their Functions in Textile Industry

The act which is done to Keep the factory plan equipments machine tools etc. in an optimum working condition, minimize the breakdown of m/c's to improve Productivity of existing m/c tools and avoid sinking of additional capacity and to Prolong the useful life of the factory plant & machinery is called Maintenance. 
Maintenance tools
 Maintenance Tools & Equipments and Their Functions:

1. Combination tools (Spanner)
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Nuts & bolts

2. Socket Ratchet set
Function: Tightening of Nuts & bolts

3. Slide Range
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Nuts & bolts

4. Pliers
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Nuts & bolts

5. Pipe threat Cutting Tools

Function: To Cut the threat in Pipe.

6. Bearing Puller
Function: To assist the Opening of bearing from shaft.

7. Pipe Range
Function: Tightening & Loosening of Pipe Joint.

8. Pipe Cutting Tools
Function: For Pipe Cutting.

9. Hole Punch
Function: Punching the hole.

10. Divider
Function: For circle marking on metal & wood

11. Easy Opener
Function: To open the broken head bolt

12. Heavy Scissor
Function: Cutting of gasket & steel sheet.

13. Oil Can
Function: Oiling of moving Parts.

14. Drill M/C and Drill bit.
Function: For Drilling.

15. Grease Gum.
Function: For greasing of moving Parts of M/C.

16. Girding M/C
Function: For grinding & Cutting of mild steel.

17. Welding M/C
Function: For welding & Cutting.

18. File
Function: For Smoothing the Surface.

19. Hammer
Function: For Scaling & right angling.

20. Hacksaw blade
Function: For metal Cutting.

21. Handsaw (wood)
Function: For wood Cutting.

22. Grinding Stone.
Function: For smooth finishing

23. Grinding Paste
Function: For easy Cutting of metal

Normally Preventive Maintenance is done here. During Maintenance Procedure following Point should be checked:
  1. Maintenance : Mechanical
  2. Machine : Dyeing M/C
  3. Maintenance : Electrical
  4. Machine : Dyeing 
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