Features of Round Knife Cutting Machine with Advantage & Disadvantage

Round Knife Cutting Machine:
This machine is called round knife cutting machine because its cutter is round but slightly octagonal in shape. This machine is small in size, flexible & used for small production. It is also a popular cutting machine. 
Fig: Round Knife Cutting Machine
Features of Round Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. It contains a round but slightly octagonal type knife with sharp edge.
  2. The other main parts of this machine are base plate, electric motor, handle & knife guard.
  3. Knife diameter varies from 6-20 cm.
  4. Manual grinder is used.
  5. Motor r.p.m. is 800-1600.It depends on machine.
  6. A handle for the cutter to direct the knife.
  7. Easy to handle & movement due to low weight.
  8. Knife is lubricating manually.
  9. Three types of knife edge can be used for cutting different objects. Such as, waved edge, toothed edge & circular edge.
  10. A round knife rotating so that the leading edge cuts downwards into the fabric.
  11. Flexible movement helps to cut non linear shape.
  12. Base plate gives support for fabric.
  13. Maximum 40% of the knife diameter can be used for fabric lay.
Advantage of Round Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. Suitable for cutting single ply as well as multilayer (say 20-30layers).
  2. Easy to handle & operate.
  3. Suitable for small scale cutting.
  4. Suitable for gentle curve line cutting.
  5. To cut the larger part of the garments.
  6. With a same r.p.m. its efficiency is 10 times greater than the straight knife.
Disadvantage of Round Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. Very low r.p.m. & knife height.
  2. Manual grinder is used.
  3. Low productivity since few number of lay can be cut.
  4. Difficult to cut small components & high curve line.
  5. Not suitable for large production.
  6. Lubrication is manually done.
Uses/Application of Round Knife Cutting Machine:
It’s useful for gentle curve line cutting, big parts cutting, cutting out fabric block from lay & small scale cutting. It’s normally use for small production. 
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