Features of Hand Scissors with Advantage & Disadvantage

Hand Scissors:
Scissor is a cutting implement consisting of two blades joined by a swivel pin that allows the cutting edges to be opened and closed. Hand scissor is hand operated. Hand Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials, such as paper, cardboard, metal foil, thin plastic, cloth, rope, and wire. Scissors can also be used to cut hair and food. Scissors and shears are functionally equivalent, but larger implements tend to be called shears. 


Fig: Hand Scissor
Features of Hand Scissors:
  1. It is the first & oldest machine for fabric cutting.
  2. Very Easy to operate.
  3. Manual grinding (ধারানো) is required.
  4. This is used for cutting one or two plies of fabric.
  5. Good for fancy cutting.
  6. Most of the fabrics can be cut by scissor.
  7. Most cheep machine.
  8. Easy to handle and transfer.
  9. Can be cut the fabric accurately by proper Care.
  10. Most suitable for Tailoring & Household purpose.
  11. It needs more time to cut the fabric & for this contains high cost.
Advantage of Hand Scissors:
  1. Over head cost less.
  2. Good for individual production.
  3. Easy to operate & Risk is low.
  4. Don’t require skilled worker to operate.
  5. Suitable for making sample garments.
Disadvantage Hand Scissors:
  1. Large production is not possible.
  2. Time consuming method.
  3. Need to grind rapidly.
  4. Not suitable for economical process.
  5. Fabric wastage is very high.
Uses/Application of Hand Scissors:
It is uses for sharp cutting, fancy production etc. 

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