Fabric Faults/Defects Produced During Weaving, Knitting and Non-woven Fabric Production

Faults in Fabric

Fabric Faults in Weaving:
  1. Warp way defect.
  2. Weft way defect.
  3. Fabric faults common to both warp and weft.
Warp way defect:
  1. Warp stitching.
  2. Long float.
  3. Wrong warp.
  4. Missing warp.
  5. Double warp
  6. Reed mark.
  7. Knot in the warp.
  8. Tight warp.
  9. Slack warp.
  10. Warp steak.
  11. Selvedge effect;
  12. Curly/wavy effect.
  13. Corded selvedge.
  14. Weft breaks or cuts at the selvedge.
  15. Loops in the selvedge.
  16. Temple marks.

Fabric fault
Weft way defect:
  1. Miss pick or broken pick.
  2. Thick and thin place.
  3. Broken pattern.
  4. Shuttle mark.
  5. Weft carls.
  6. Tight picks.
  7. Back lashing or lashing in.
  8. Starting mark.
  9. Cracks.
  10. Tear drops.
  11. Goat.
  12. Black picks.
  13. Finger mark.
  14. Bow effect.
  15. Knot in the weft.
  16. Catch knot.
Fabric Faults Common to both Warp and Weft:
  1. Cloudy or uneven cloth.
  2. Oil or grease sport.
  3. Holes in the cloth.
  4. Wavy cloth.
  5. Dirty cloth.
  6. Rusty fabric.
  7. Hairy or fussy fabric.
  8. Rough surface cloth.
Fabric Faults in Knitting:
  1. Broken ends or holes.
  2. Drop stitches.
  3. Ch fall out.
  4. Snagging.
  5. Tuck or double stitches.
  6. Bunching up.
  7. Vertical stripes.
  8. Horizontal stripes.
  9. Colour fly.
  10. Distorted stitches.
Fabric Faults in Non-woven Fbric:
  1. Weight variation.
  2. Needle break.
  3. Poor opening.
  4. Needle punch not up to the level.
  5. Weak adhesive.
  6. Defective spraying.
  7. Defective stitching.
  8. Defective felting.
  9. Defective bonding.
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