What is Organdy Finishing | Cotton Organdie Finishing Process

What is Organdie Finishing:
Organdie or organdy finishing is a finishing process. Generally this finish gives on Cotton fabric.In this process cotton fabric treat by Sulphuric acid at room temperature at 110 degree concentration of sulphuric acid in 4-5 second .By this finish cotton fabric achieved more luster,transparent,stiff and like woolen plain.It's called Organdie finish.

Cotton organdy fabric
Which Fabric Used to Gives this Finishing:
All types of fabric can not use for this finish or we can not use all types of fabric for this process. Generally ,this finish gives on Fine Cotton ,Muslin,Voile fabric.We also gives this finish on Rayon fabric.If we use thick fabric ,the fabric looks like Linen but can not achieve woolen plain and other properties.So ,this finish use for only higher count(80 Ne) fabric.

Machinery Use for this Process:
Generally, Mercerizing machine is use for organdie finishing. Stenter machine also use for this finishing.But it's important that,those machine materials can not react with Sulphuric acid.So ,this process done by very carefully.

Process Procedure:
At room temperature ,fabric pass into the 110 degree concentration of sulfuric acid in 4-5 second. After 4-5 second the fabric wash by cold water to remove acid from fabric and neutralized by Alkali. Sometimes Pyridine or Glycerine can be used with sulfuric to less it's rapidly action.By control process ,formaldehyde also used with sulfuric acid. Nitric acid and phosphoric acid also use for this finishing process. At 106 degree concentration of phosphoric acid ,organdie finishing also give on Rayon fabric.

Use of Organdie Finished Fabric:
Organdie finish fabric mainly used to making a screen for hand screen printing.This fabric also used for dresses neckwear ,curtains and others.

Organdie finishing also given the fabric by using different concentration of sulphuric acid.Some times it's also called by percementising.

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