Process Sequence of Viscose Fabric Dyeing

Viscose is created from a combination of natural and man-made components, specially made from regenerated wood cellulose, and it can be made into the more common form of rayon used for many types of textile products, including clothing. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, and has the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton. 
Viscose fabric
Viscose fabric is not a common fabric like as cotton. The hand feelings of this fabric are same as silk & soft. So dyeing process of viscose fabric slightly difference from cotton or others fabric. Dyeing procedure of viscose fabric are given below:

Process Flow Chart of Viscose Fabric Dyeing:

Water filling

Fabric loading

Hot Wash, 800c, 10 min


Water filling

Chemical Auxilaries

PH check(6.5-7.5)

Reactive dye (dosing 30 min)(Run 15 min, Temp 500c)

Salt dosing 2 step, 600c(Run 15+15 min)

Soda 60 min dosing (Run 6o min)

Shade check



Acetic Acid (Neutralization)




Hot Wash(2 or 3 times)

Cool wash

Shade check

Fabric unload


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