Process Flow Chart for 100% Cotton Knit Fabric (Turquoise Color)

Turquoise Color:
Turquoise is the color of the gem turquoise. It is a slightly greenish shade of cyan. Turquoise is sometimes described as a mixture of pale blue and green. The name comes from the French for Turkish.

Turquoise Color
Types of Turquoise Color: There are six type of Turquoise Color. They are given below:
  1. Pale Turquoise (web color) (Hex: #AFEEEE) (RGB: 175, 238, 238)
  2. Turquoise Blue (Hex: #00FFEF) (RGB: 0, 255, 239)
  3. Bright Turquoise (Hex: #08E8DE) (RGB: 8, 232, 222)
  4. TURQUOISE (web color) (Hex: #40E0D0) (RGB: 64, 224, 208)
  5. Medium Turquoise (web color) (Hex: #48D1CC) (RGB: 72, 209, 204)
  6. Deep Turquoise (web color Dark Turquoise) (Hex: #00CED1) (RGB: 0, 206, 209)
Process Flow Chart for 100% Cotton Knit Fabric (Turquoise Color):
Turquoise is very sensitive color. Its wash fastness is not good. Dyeing process of turquoise color is slightly difference from other color process.
Process Sequence of Turquoise Color:
Fabric loaded
Treating with anti-creasing agent (Room temperature)
Adding detergent
Adding Antifoaming agent
Caustic dosing (dosing 6min)
Peroxide dosing (60˚c; 5min)
Run time 1 hour 95˚c
Sample check
If ok
Drain out
Normal hot (70˚c,10min)
Adding Peroxide Killer
Run time 55˚c, 10min
Adding Acetic Acid
Run time 10min 55˚c (ph-4.5)
Adding enzyme
Run time 1hour, 55˚c
Enzyme hot- 70˚c, 10min
Filling in the tank (run time 5min)
Rinsing -4min
Filling in the tank
Adding Leveling, Antifoaming & Anti-creasing agent (R.T.)
10min run time (R.T.)
10min run time (60˚c)
Color dosing-30min
10min run
½ Salt dosing-5min
½ Salt dosing -5min
Runtime -25min (60˚c)
Sample check
Soda dosing (2 g/l; 20min)
Remaining Soda dosing (30min)
20 min run
Temp rise 80˚c
Run time-1 hour
Filling in the tank
Run time (RT)
Filling in the tank
Normal hot (60˚c,10min)
Sample check
Adding Acetic Acid (room temp ,run time-30min)
Sample check
Filling in the tank
Adding soaping agent (90˚c, run-10 min)
Sample check
Filling in the tank
Rinsing (5min room tem)
Filling in the tank
Run time (5min, room tem)
Filling in the tank
Dosing-fixing agent (15min)
Run time (20min, room tem)
Sample check
Filling in the tank
Dosing softener (5min)
Run time (20min,room tem)
Sample check


Gilles Riopelle said...

Here are some specs for a shirting fabric

Fiber content: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Weight: 170 g / m² (+ / - 5%)
Thread count:
- Warp: min. 40 threads/inch; max.: 44 threads/inch
- Weft: min. 20 threads/inch; max: 24 threads/inch
Width: Min: 152 cm
Color: #28717b
Is it common for a shirting fabric to have 2 times more threads in warp?
Are hexadecimal color codes often used for fabric color reference?
Thanks for all the information you share with us
Gilles Riopelle

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