Onium Dye | Properties of Onium Dyes | Application of Onium Dye on Cotton Fabric

Define Onium Dyes:
Onium dye is a cationic dye, which is soluble by sulphonium, phosphonium or oxonium substituent. They produce insoluble color on the fabric during fixation process.

Mention the Properties of Onium Dyes:
  1. It is insoluble in water, but it can soluble by sulphonium, phosphonium or oxoinum substituent.
  2. It is a cationic dye.
  3. It produce insoluble color on the fabric during fixation process.
  4. It's structure like as pigment, but it's application like as dye.
  5. Onium pigment always applied on acidic condition at low temperature.
State the Trade Name of Onium Dyes:
  1. Alcian Blue 8GS 300 [I.C.I - UK]
  2. Alcian Blue 8GX 300 [I.C.I - UK]
  3. Alcian Green 2GX [I.C.I - UK]
  4. Alcian Green 3BX [I.Q.I - UK]
  5. Alcian Yellow GXS [I.C.I -UK]
Classify the Dyeing Process of Onium Dyes:
  1. Phthalocymine.
  2. Anthraquinone.
  3. Azoic.
Application of Onium Dye on Cotton Fabric (Continuous Dyeing Crocess):

  • Onium dye......................x g/l (O.W.M.)
  • Acetic acid......................15 g/l (O.W.M.)
  • Nonionic detergent (lissapol -N).....1--5 g/l (O.W.M.)
  • Time ........................1 hour
  • Temperature ......................30--40 degree c.

Grey fabric

Pretreatment of fabric

Padding solution preparation[ Acetic acid + water+dye+detergent]

Padding [ at 30-40 degree c.]

Steaming [at 120 degree c. about 3-4 minute for fixation]

Development [by using seven box open soaping system]

Dyed fabric

Stripping Process of Onium Dye:
For stripping ,the materials is treated at 50-60 degree c.temperature in a solution containing 2% sodium hydrosulphite (reducing agent) about 15 minute.

Use of Dye:
It is generally use in Cotton dyeing and Printing process.

Onium dye is a advance dye.We can also applied it on cotton fabric in batch dyeing process by using Winch dyeing machine.

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