Factors for Production of Knitted Fabrics | Methods for Increasing the Production of Knitted Fabrics

Considerable Points to Produce Knitted Fabrics:
When a buyer orders for fabric then they mention some points related to production and quality. Before production of knitted fabric, these factors are needed to consider. Those are as follows- 
  1. Type of Fabric or design of Fabric.
  2. Finished G.S.M.
  3. Yarn count
  4. Types of yarn (combed or carded)
  5. Diameter of the fabric.
  6. Stitch length
  7. Color depth.
Methods of Increasing the Production of Knitted Fabrics:
By the following methods the production of knitted fabric can be increased:

A. By increasing m/c speed:
Higher the m/c speed faster the movement of needle and ultimately production will be increased but it has to make sure that excess tension is not imposed on yarn because of this high speed. 
Knitted fabric
B. By increasing the number of feeder:
If the number of feeder is increased in the circumference of cylinder, then the number of courses will be increased in one revolution at a time.

C. By using machine of higher gauge:
The more the machine gauge, the more the production is. So by using machine of higher gauge production can be increased.

D. By imposing other developments:
  • Using creel-feeding system.
  • Applying yarn supply through plastic tube that eliminates the possibilities of yarn damage.
  • Using yarn feed control device.
  • Using auto lint removal. 
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