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Stenter Machine:
A machine or apparatus for stretching or stentering fabrics. The purpose of the stenter machine is to bringing the length and width to pre determine dimensions and also for heat setting and it is used for applying finishing chemicals and also shade variation is adjusted. The main function of the stenter is to stretch the fabric widthwise and to recover the uniform width. 
Stentering machine
Functions of Stenter Machines:
  1. Heat setting is done by the stenter for lycra fabric, synthetic and blended fabric.
  2. Width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.
  3. Finishing chemical apply on fabric by the stenter.
  4. Loop of the knit fabric is controlled.
  5. Moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.
  6. Spirility controlled by the stenter.
  7. GSM of the fabric is controlled by stenter.
  8. Fabric is dried by the stentering process.
  9. Shrinkage property of the fabric is controlled.
  10. Curing treatment for resin, water repellent fabric is done by the stenter.
Components of Stenter Machine:
  • Paders
  • Weft straightner (Mahlo)
  • Burners 10
  • Heat recovery
  • Attraction rollers
  • Circulating fans 10,8
  • Exhaust fans 2
  • Winder 2
  • Clips
  • Pins
  • I.R
  • Cooling drums 2
Working Procedure of Stenter Machine:
The fabric is collected from the batcher to the scray and then it is passed through the padders where the finishes are applied and some times shade variation is corrected.The fabric is entered into the mahlo (weft straigtner) the function of the mahlo is to set the bow and also weave of the fabric is griped by the clips and pins are also provided but the pins has a disadvantage that they pins make holes at the selvedge but the stretchning of the pins are greater than the clips.these clips and pins are joined to endless chain.there are 8 to 10 chambers provided on the machine each chamber contains a burner and filters are provided to separate dust from air.the circulating fans blow air from the base to the upper side and exhaust fans sucks all the hot air within the chambers. Attraction rollers ar provided to stretch the warp yarn.

After stentering we can increase the width of the fabric up to 1.5-2 inch.The speed of the machine is about 7-150 m/min.3 meters fabric can run in each chamber.temperature is adjusted that according to the fabric as for,
  1. PC 210 c
  2. Cotton 110-130 c
After dyeing 160-170c and after print 130-140c.

Comparison Between Stenter 10 F, Stenter 8 F and Knit Stenter:

Stenter 10 F:
The word 10 F stands for 10 stenter 10 F clips are used to stretch the fabric and this is a disadvantage that holes appears on the selvedge of the fabric and also uneven dyeing is achieved.

Stenter 8 F:
Stenter 8 F has 8 flames and the main purpose of 8F stenter same as 10F stenter. The basic advantage of the machine is dyeing can also done on 8F machine and has I.R system. Finishing, dyeing can also done even we can dye pigment , heat setting and also we can control skew and bow problems and another advantage is using light shades no clip marks appears.

Knit Stenter:
The basic difference of the knit stenter machine is that it is used for knit fabric weft straightening, heat setting, dyeing, light shades and also for print and knit fiishing chemicals applicaions. Pins are also provided with the clips.flat rollers are present and a brush to hold the pin,the L-guide is also used for knit fabric and a selvedge cutter with suction privided.

Specification  of a Stenter Machine:
Brand Name
Serial no
Year of manufacture
Speed range
15-30 m/min
Temperature range
Used utilities
Electricity, Gas, Compress air, Steam
Production capacities
8 ton /day
No. of chamber
Maximum fabris width
Minimum fabric witdth
Steam pressure
2 bar
Air pressure
10 bar
Applied for
Open tube fabric
No. of ratamatic burner
Extra Attachment
Mahlo weft straightener
 M/C parts
Burner,Nozzle, Exhaust air fan, Over feed roller, Suction fan, Chain arrangement

Technical Data of Stenter Machine:

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