Production Calculation of Circular Knitting Machine

Production Calculation From Loop Length:
Let us consider a circular Single Jersey knitting machines , having F no of Feeder and N no of needles , is running with a speed of n r.p.m and producing a fabrics of loop length ‘l’ mm .

Hence , no of courses produced in 1 rev. = F
             no of courses produced in n ,, = F.n
            no of courses produced in 1 min. = F.n
           no of courses produced in 1 hr = F.n.60

As loop length in ‘l’ mm and the total no needle are N 
Circular knitting machine
So, yarn consumed by 1 needle from 1 course = l mm
yarn consumed by 1 needle from 1 hr = F.n.60.l mm
yarn consumed by  N needle from 1 hr = F.n.60.l.N mm
                                                               = F.n.60.l.N/1000 meter

Total yarn consumed by the m/c in 1 hr = F.n.60.l.N/1000 meter
If yarn count is Nm , then the weight of above yarn = F.n.60.l.N/1000.Nm.1000 Kg

For Example:
Problem: Calculate the production for a circular knitting machine whith the given data

Diameter=30 inch
Cylinder r.p.m=18
Yarn count=30Ne
Stitch length=2 mm

Length of yarn=(3.14×30× 24× 2 ×84× 18× 60 ×24 ×90)/(1000 ×100)
=8860310.32 meter
=8860.31 km

Now, 20Ne=Ne×tex=590.6

          1 km yarn weight =29.53 gm
          8860.31 km yarn weight=(29.53× 8860.31)
                                                 =261.64 kg

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