Process Flow Chart of Batching Section | Function and Purpose of Batching in Dyeing

Batching is the receiving section of grey fabric and sending section of grey fabric to the dyeing section which will dye. Batching is the process to get ready the fabrics which should be dyed and processed for a particular lot of a particular order.

Batch Process Flow Chart:
Flow chart of Batching Section is given bellow:

Fabric Received & stored

Fabric Divided according to Diameter after buyer’s recommendation

Supervisor batches the fabric according to quantity by Calculation


Send for Dyeing

Types of Batch:
  1. Solid batch / non-assort batch: same diameter
  2. Assort batch : various diameter 
Batch inspection machine
Aims / Purpose of Batch Section:
1. To receive the grey fabrics roll from knitting section or other source.
2. To turn out the tubular fabric to safe the face side of the fabric from any type of friction during dyeing.
3. To prepare the batch of fabric for dyeing according to the following criteria-
  • Order sheet (Receive from buyer)
  • Dyeing shade
  • M/c available
  • Type of fabrics (100% cotton, PC, CVC etc.)
  • Emergency
4. To send the grey fabric to the dyeing floor with batch card.
5. To keep records for every previous dyeing.

Criteria of Proper Batching:
  1. To use maximum capacity of existing dyeing m/c.
  2. To minimize the washing time or preparation time & m/c stoppage time.
  3. To keep the no. of batch as less as possible for same shade.
  4. To use a particular m/c for dyeing same shade. 
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