Creping Effect in Fabric | Mechanism of Creping | Process Sequence of Creping

Creping is a special effect produced mostly on rayon.

Mechanism of Creping:
If a highly twisted yarn made from a fiber which has high swelling properties and which also shrinks very high is subjected to swelling process, the twisted yarn gets untwisted and during the same time shrinks and loop formation takes place.

For a good creping effect, the popular construction of a fabric is a plain warp and a crepe weft.

The weft is generally built of two threads with the twist in one direction followed by two threads with the twist in the reverse direction. When the fabric is wetted untwisting of yarn takes place in opposite direction, but as either ends are fixed at the selvedges, the fabric shrinks in width producing snarling or crepe effect.
Creping effect in fabric
To get regular crepe effect, embossing calender is a must.

Care should be taken on pressure and tempature while embossing.

To get good and permanent crepe effect, it is necessary to use higher temperature and high pressure during embossing.

Maximum temperature : 50 ̊C
Maximum pressure : 550 PSI

Process Sequence of Creping:

Stenter to remove crease

Emboss (If necessary)

Crepe in any form






Hydro extracted

Dry in loose form

Stenter (If necessary)

Calender (If required)

Souring: the term “sour” is generally associated with acid. Souring is thus a treatment of alkali containing goods with dilute acid solution. If kier boiled material is soured to neutralize the remaining traces of alkali, the process is called “grey-souring” as the goods are “grey” in colour. If souring is done for hypochlorite-bleached material, the process is referring to as “white souring”.

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