Procedure for Lab dip by the Different Dyestuff in the Laboratory

Lab Dip:
Lab Dip Development means the sample which is dyed according to buyer’s requirements (similar shade and so on). Depending on lab dip development sample dyeing and bulk production dyeing planning is done.Lab work plays an important role in dyeing process. Bulk dyeing process completely depends on the lab dip development work. Lab work is completely managed as the following sequence.
Work in lab dip
Procedure for Lab dip by the Different Dyestuff in the Laboratory:

Procedure for100 % Cotton Fabric :

1. Calculate the recipe .
2. Weight the fabric.
3. Take the beaker keep the fabric in to the beaker .
4. Then the dyes , chemicals & required amount of water take in to the beaker by the digital pipeting .
5. Then weight the salt by the electric balance and add in to the beaker .
6. Then the beaker set in to the lab dyeing machine for dyeing .
7. Start the program for dyeing the whole dyeing time 60 min at 60 °C temperature . ( the dyeing time and temperature depends on which classes of dyes are used for dyeing .)
8. After 30 min add the then add the soda ash . by pipeting .
9. Again run the program next 30 min at the same temperature .
10. Finished the dyeing time then the sample taken from the beaker first hot wash & then cold wash .
11. Then acid wash as for neutralization .
12. Then soaping required soap solution 10 min at 90° C temperature .
13. After the fabric again cold .
14. Then dry the lab dip and compare with the standard .

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