Characteristics/Properties of Florescent Brightening Agent (FBA) | Application of Florescent Brightening Agents

Florescent Brightening Agent FBA:
FBA is  substance that when a added to a substrate increase the apparent reflectance in the visible region by converting ultra-violate radiation in to visible light and so increase the whiteness or brightness.

Characteristics or Properties of FBA:
  1. Must have distinct affinity for textile fibers
  2. Must show fluorescence of appropriate color
  3. Must be colorless so that undesirable tones not achieved
  4. Must have conjugated system of single and double bonds
  5. Its molecules should be planner
  6. Must contain electron releasing groups like –OH, -NH2
  7. Should be sufficiently stable to light
  8. Should be substantive and non-toxic
  9. Must re-emit light of wave length 450nm s
Application of Florescent Brightening Agent FBA:
The FBA can be divided into three application categories.

Anionic; containing sulfonate group used for Cotton, Wool and Nylon.
Cationic; used for mostly Polyacrylonittrile fibers.
Nonionic; used for PET, Acetate, Polyacrylonittrile and Polyamide.

FBA are applied by exhaust or padding process and then fixed by heat treatment.
FBA for Cellulogic Fiber:
Tiponal BV, 2B, GS, RBN, 4BM. Applied by exhaustion or padding method. Exhausts at pH 8-11 or higher. Salt should be used for exhausting Tiponal BV on the fiber. Tiponal 4BM is suitable for application by the padding technique. Blancophor CL is intending for whitening cellulogic fiber. It is stable to Hydrochloride and Chloride Bleach bath, so that it may be applied while bleaching with these bleaching agents. Fluorite BW stables alkaline hydrogen peroxide and per salt bleach and hence can be applied during bleaching. It can be applied by exhaust dyeing method. Since it have affinity for cellulogic fiber. Uvitex CK stable to hard water.

FBA Polyester Fiber:
Fluolite XMF intended for PES. Available in past form. Applied at 100c with carrier. Thermosol used at high temperature pad-dry-bake process. Palanil white G liquid. Blancophor EBL of Bayer AG. Uvitex SEB-nonionic, micro fore aqueous dispersion all used in this purpose. 
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