Properties/Characteristics of Geotextiles

Any permeable textile material used for separating, filtration , reinforcement, protection, drainage and stabilization process as an integral part of civil engineering structures of earth, rock or others constructional material are called geotextile.
Important Properties/Characteristics of Geotextiles:
There are three main properties which are required and specified for a geotextile are its mechanical responses, filtration ability and chemical resistance.These are the properties that produce the required working effect. They are all developed from the combination of the physical form of the polymer fibers, their textile construction and the polymer chemical characteristics. For example, the mechanical response of a geotextile will depend upon the orientation and regularity of the fibers as well as the type of polymer from which it is made. Also, the chemical resistance of a geotextile will depend upon the size of the individual component fibers in the fabric, as well as their chemical composition – fine fibers with a large specific surface area are subject to more rapid chemical attack than coarse fibers of the same polymer.

The Characteristics of Geotextiles are Broadly Classified as:

1. Physical properties:
  • specific gravity
  • weight
  • thickness
  • stiffness
  • density .
2. Mechanical properties:
  • tenacity
  • tensile strength
  • bursting strength
  • drapability
  • compatibility
  • flexibility
  • tearing strength
  • frictional resistance
3. Hydraulic properties:
  • porosity
  • permeability
  • permittivity
  • transitivity
  • turbidity /soil retention
  • filtration length etc.
4. Degradation properties:
  • biodegradation
  • hydrolytic degradation
  • photo degradation
  • chemical degradation
  • mechanical degradation
  • other degradation occurring due to attack of rodent, termite etc.
5. Endurance properties:


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