Body Measurement for Cloth/Garments Making

Body Measurement:
Accurate body measurements are of vital importance for obtaining best results in cloth construction. Besides good fitting, correct measurements can also contribute towards saving time in constructing a garment. Personal measurements are required not only for stitching the garment at home or getting it stitched, but also for buying ready made garments
Body Measurement
Taking body measurements is a responsible task, which should be undertaken with great care. For this purpose, it is important for a dress maker to have adequate knowledge about correct methods of taking and recording body measurements, equipment required for it and other important points to be considered in taking the measurements.

Points Considered While Taking Measurements:

1. A good quality measuring tape should be used for taking the body measurements. The long metal end of the tape is used for taking vertical measurements and the rounded metal end is used for taking horizontal measurements.

2. Person giving the measurements should stand straight, but in a natural pose and preferably in front of a mirror. A well fitted foundation garments should be worn while giving measurements.

3. Another person is needed to take measurements. Basic lines of the body are to be taken into consideration while measuring body parts.

4. Before body measurements are taken, a cord or tape is fastened around the waist and left until all measurements have been completed. The tape should be kept parallel to the ground while taking girth measurements like bust, waist, hip, etc.

5. The accuracy of several measurements depends on this exact waistline location. Add to these measurements the suggested amount of ease.

6. The amount of ease needed varies with the type of fabric used. More ease is needed for woven fabrics than knits.

7. A proper order and certain sequence should be followed in taking the measurements to make it more systematic. 
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