Rotawash Colorfastness Testers | Features and Technical Parameters of Rotawash Colorfastness Testers

Rotawash Colorfastness Testers:
To determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning to ISO, BSI AATCC and SDC standards. Fitted with programmer allowing automatic selection of all AATCC, ISO and other test methods with individual parameters displayed, select one of last 3 tests,select user defined program, COM port for updates. Now features a newly improved color touch control panel. Includes drain pump, inching facility and lid interlock.
Rotawash Colorfastness Testers
Features of Rotawash Colorfastness Testers:
The redesigned Rotawash Colorfastness Testers offers many features upgrades that make it more efficient and easier for the lab technician to operate. The new graphical display and integrated controller provide an easy operating interface. All functions of the Rotawash are precisely controlled.
  1. Stainless steel body;
  2. High-precision temperature controller, accurate temperature control cabinets;
  3. High-precision timer to set the time accurately stops;
  4. Control interface is friendly, easy to operate;
  5. Equipped with two steel cup sizes, quantity can be configured according to customer needs.
Technical Parameters of Rotawash Colorfastness Testers:
  1. Large steel cup capacity: 1200ml
  2. Small steel cup capacity: 550ml
  3. Dimension :1120×600×1130mm(LXWXH)
  4. Weight :120KG
  5. Power: 380V/10A, 6.5KW
  6. Standards:M&SC4,C4A,5,37,C49,P3B,ISO105, 
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